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Our first Away game of the season

Games six and seven see two more wins come our way. Click here for full details.

Ning Ning joins facebook

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Ning Ning now has his own facebook fan page. You can do a search for "Ning Ning" and make sure you click 'Like' so you can keep up to date with all his goings on.

7 Nil Shutout for the Rats!

See what the World's fastest team can do to the World's hardest to play team.

"Your guys can literally run rings around my guys." Will, Head Coach of the Gnoblar Express. Click here to read more.

QNKBBL Spring Cup 2011 gets underway

The New season of Blood Bowl got underway last night (1-7-2011). Click here to read all about it.

1 Die and 2 Die against

That seemed to be the theme of the match with the Beach Boys having a rematch with Chad's Norse team. Check out more details here.


Beach Boys force lizards to concede

3/6/2011 The Beach boys go on a rampage. Click here to get the whole story.

Beach Boys get their 1st Win!

That's right folks, the Beach Boys got their first win. Click here to get the whole story.

QNKBBL Autumn Cup 2011

Orcly Warringah made it it to the Semi Finals of the QNKBBL Autumn Cup against Greg's East Coast Eagles. Things started great with a 2 turn touchdown and an early lead, but early turnovers put an end to that. Nuffle finally turned its back on the Orcs and the Elves opened up a 5-1 lead. Greg used his Bombardier to perfection every time I was in with a chance of scoring or caging. At the end of each of Greg's turns he would dodge all his players back 1 square, leaving me with a single Blitz each turn (Damn pansy Elves). 

Deep in the second half I started to get a numbers advantage as Greg's KOs piled up. I even managed to give a Lineelf a Niggle.

The game ended 6-3 to Greg. Orcly Warringah did itself proud in its (and mine) first ever season of Blood Bowl.

QNKBBL Spring Cup 2011

Well after much discussion and playtesting of different teams, I have finally decided on running a Skaven team for the Spring Cup.

Still undecided on the line up, I suppose it will depend greatly on the figures I have available. But it will look something like this:

3 Gutter Runners

1 thrower

2 Blitzers

6 Linerats

1 Rat Ogre (arrived today, see below for a sample pic)